In Bulgaria only in comfortable shoes

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A walk in Bulgaria during the summer season need not be as easy as it seems. 30 degrees in the shade, dry sand and grass, black asphalt giving off heat and unfortunately very uneven roads. Over the years this condition … Continued

Excursion to Pomerania

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We set off on this trip without a specific plan. Outside, more than 30 degrees in the shade and there is no certainty that we will find open cafes or attractions for the youngest. However, we decided to take a … Continued

Velvet beach and warm sea

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The beach in Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful in Europe. The delicate, velvety golden sand and beautiful sea have been attracting millions of tourists for years. The beach in Bulgaria stretches for 8 km and … Continued

Bulgaria – Climate

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The prevailing climate in Bulgaria is continental, which is characterized by hot summers and cold winters. To the south of the Balkan Mountains, in areas dominated by the influence of the Black Sea, the climate is Mediterranean. The temperature in … Continued