In Bulgaria only in comfortable shoes

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A walk in Bulgaria during the summer season need not be as easy as it seems.

30 degrees in the shade, dry sand and grass. Black asphalt giving off heat and unfortunately very uneven roads.

Over the years this condition improves. But still, for example, in Sunny Beach (the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria) the condition of the roads is not as good. In big cities like New Nessebar, Burgas the pavements are decent, on the promenades they are even exemplary. But this is not just about uneven pavements.

In Bulgaria, in addition to hanging cables, you will come across, for example, covered only half of the manholes. Unprotected wires sticking out of pavements, unprotected building elements or other metal surprises.

They are not part of the landscape of hidden courtyards, unfortunately, but of ordinary streets by residential houses.

Therefore, apart from a good sunscreen cream, it is worth investing in comfortable shoes.

This year I bought soft and lightweight shoes with ventilators (even in the sole) from decathlon. And it was a shot in the 10-two. For the last 30 days (20 in Sunny Beach) I made 254 682 steps, that is about 170, 5 km.

However, if your stay in Bulgaria will not include long walks, you will probably need to use the beach shoes :D, otherwise arm yourself with comfortable shoes.