General information

Our Privacy Policy generally describes how we collect, share, use and protect your information. If you are a member who has created an account or obtained a financial product or service from us for personal, family or domestic purposes, our Privacy Policy may also apply to you and further explain how we may use your information.

What information do we collect

We care about the right to privacy of website users. Each user of this website is bound by this privacy policy.


General rules

1. The administrator of the Customers’ personal data is APARTMENT SUNNY BEACH
2. The processing of personal data takes place on the terms specified in the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, the Act on the provision of electronic services and the provisions of the Regulations.
3. The Service Provider provides appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data provided by the Customers, in particular preventing third parties from accessing them or processing them in violation of the law, preventing data loss, damage or destruction.
4. Recipients are entitled to:
a) access to your personal data made available in order to use the services provided electronically by the Service Provider, the right to supplement, correct and update the content of the data through communication with the Service Provider;
b) access to inquiries and applications sent via the Information Form as well as conversations conducted via Chat with an advisor
c) requests to temporarily or permanently suspend the processing of personal data or delete them, if they turn out to be incomplete, out of date, untrue or collected in violation of the law, for this purpose, a letter should be sent by registered mail to the address of the Service Provider’s registered office indicated in §2 point . a) Regulations for the provision of electronic services;
d) object to the processing of their personal data – in cases provided for by law
rights – and the right to demand their removal when they become unnecessary to achieve the purpose for which
have been collected, for this purpose a letter should be sent by registered mail to the address of the Service Provider’s registered office
indicated in § 2 point a) of the Regulations for the provision of electronic services;
5. After the Customer has finished using the services, the Service Provider will not process the data
personal mentioned in sec. 6, with the exception of data that is: admitted to processing on the basis of legal provisions or a contract, necessary to explain the circumstances of unauthorized use of services.




The way we collect information about users is the use of the “cookies” mechanism. Cookies are text files that the server saves on the disk of the user’s end device, thanks to which it will be able to “recognize” it when reconnecting. The administrator on the website uses cookies to remember information about its users in order to simplify or cancel data operations.

The content of cookies does not allow the identification of the user. No personal data is processed or stored using cookies.


Cookies do not in any way damage the system on the user’s computer, nor do they affect its operation, and in particular, they do not cause any configuration changes in the users’ end devices and in the software installed on these devices.


The website stores cookies on users’ computers in order to:

better adjustment of the portal to the needs of users;
creating audience statistics
creating and securing online surveys
against multiple voting by the same persons.

The user may disable or completely disable cookies on our websites or the websites of our advertisers by setting the appropriate options of your web browser or selecting appropriate security in firewall programs (eg Norton Internet Security).

Our goal is to provide as much protection as possible. The development of technology means that our privacy policy may change, which we will inform about on this page.


If you have any questions about this policy or about, please contact us by email: